man wearing a white shirt and jeans

As warmer months approach, new styles are emerging in the urban fashion world. What are the best spring and summer streetwear trends we’re seeing? The Hyper Denim style experts are excited to share the warm weather trends we love here. Read on for a closer look into our favorite summer and spring streetwear looks!

1. Utility Takes First Place!

While we want to look fashionable, we want our clothing to be as comfortable, convenient, and as wearable as possible. We’re seeing technical fabrics, workwear styles, and military-inspired silhouettes in all men’s clothing for spring and summer streetwear. Blending practicality and fashion is helping everyone reimagine what men’s fashion can be.

2. Skating In with Skatewear

skater wearing camo cargo pants

Skatewear has always been a popular urban look that took over the summer streetwear scene, but the combination of logo tees, joggers, soft hoodies or denim jackets, and canvas skate shoes is just so hard to resist. Today, some of the biggest names in fashion come from the skating scene and we’re all about joining their ranks.

3. Tonal Layering

One of the easiest ways to maintain your sleek, urban look for the warmest time of year is tonal layering. With very little need for planning, your entire closet can be mixed and matched as long as you’re wearing similar, monochromatic colors.

Going for a monochromatic outfit with your spring or summer streetwear means everything is in different shades of the same hue. Whether you prefer navy, black, or grey, find pants, shirts, and shoes that all fall under the same shade. Grey is one of our favorite colors for tonal wear because you can wear a light grey top and match it with a dark grey overshirt to create a casual, layered ensemble. Throw on a pair of black distressed jeans to finish off the look.

4. Redo Denim

man wearing distressed acid washed jeans

While denim has been the same for years, some designers are metaphorically ripping up the blueprints that Levi Strauss gave us over 150 years ago. We’re seeing lots of distressed, embroidered, colorful, and destroyed denim on the urban streetwear scene. Even if these styles are not going to replace basic washes in the menswear world, they’re incredibly popular among enthusiasts of spring and summer streetwear.

Spring & Summer at Hyper Denim

Now that you have some ideas of what summer and spring streetwear trends have to offer, it’s time to upgrade your closet with new pieces. Check out the top styles at Hyper Denim and explore our Instagram inspiration to find more looks to love.

March 15, 2021 — Nathan Bae