dark wash blue jeans with sneakers

Consistently wearing jeans that look good with sneakers isn’t hard, but it takes some effort and know-how. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or just looking to elevate your look, learning about the best jeans to wear with sneakers is a simple yet crucial step on your fashion journey. Follow these tips to bring harmony to your lower half so you can strut with confidence.

  1. Invest in a Mirror

First and foremost, you need to be able to check out your silhouette from all angles! The simple truth is that sometimes a look that sounds amazing on paper just doesn’t work in practice. Before heading out into the world, you want to feel confident that you’re rocking jeans that look good with sneakers, so pick up a full-body mirror at the very least. We recommend getting a shoe mirror too so you can really check out your vibe from all angles.

  1. Consider Your Kicks

Do you typically wear chunky Jordans? Casual Chucks? Minimal Vans slip-ons? Rules are meant to be broken, so don’t overthink it. But that said, those retro basketball high-tops might be a bit clunky paired with ultra-skinny jeans. As you shop for bottoms, think about the three pairs of sneakers you wear most, and then try to choose jeans that fit the same vibe. That way you can mix and match with ease. 

  1. Choose Tapered Jeans

Everyone’s preferences and body shapes are different, so as you choose jeans that look good with sneakers, don’t feel any pressure to conform to the norm. As a general rule of thumb, smaller leg openings tend to look better with sneakers, so look for jeans that are tapered. They don’t necessarily have to be slim or skinny, but you don’t want the bottom of your jeans completely covering your sneakers.

  1. Embrace the Pinroll

Part of finding the best jeans to wear with sneakers is knowing how to wear them. Even if your jeans are not exactly flattering, you can really give them a style boost by pinrolling the cuffs. This is a great technique if your jeans are too long and/or wide, as it shortens the length and tightens the leg opening. Sometimes finding jeans that look good with sneakers just requires some simple adjustments to make your sneakers pop.

  1. Check the Colors

If your sneakers are black, white, or grey, pairing them with an outfit should be pretty straightforward—you can't really go wrong. If you wear colorful kicks, things get a bit more complicated. Unless you’re intentionally shooting for an over-the-top, flashy aesthetic, stick with classic blue, black, grey, or even white jeans and let your sneakers do the talking. 

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The number one rule when blending jeans and sneakers is to simply shop quality apparel that fits your look. Here at Hyper Denim, we make finding jeans that look good with sneakers an easy-breezy affair. In fact, we think it would be more challenging to find sneakers that don’t look amazing with our jeans! Want some inspiration? Check our Instagram, and be sure to follow us for the latest looks, exclusive offers, and more.


May 20, 2021 — Nathan Bae