Men’s Comfortable & Casual Pants

It’s official. The couch is the new office for the indefinite future. While some people may be struggling with the transition, there are some perks to not having to go into the office. If you’ve ever bemoaned the formal slacks or ill-fitting khakis that are required in your work environment, you’re in luck! Working from home allows you tons of flexibility for what you’re wearing. Even in the most professional video conference call, nobody has to know that you’re wearing men’s comfortable, casual pants!

If you’re looking for the best workleisure apparel to match your sofa desk, check out these top picks from Hyper Denim.

grey casual men’s pants

1. Classic Grey

The grey sweatpant is out, but the grey jogger is just getting its start. The H.Gray Lax Lounge Jogger from Hyper Denim might be made from the same material as sweatpants, but the silhouette and details completely elevate this style. The knit wool and tonal stitching ensure a stretch-comfort fit, while the dropped inseam, velcro flap back pocket, and YKK front zipper pocket add structure and style. If you’re looking for men’s comfortable, casual pants that are equally suited to working from home as they are to taking a run around the park, these are it!

camo men’s joggers

2. Camo Looks

Grey isn’t the only classic look we love. At Hyper Denim, we believe camo has its place in every man’s workleisure apparel wardrobe. Our Gray Camo Light Weight Jogger is one of those designs that takes a utilitarian print and transforms it into a fashion-forward look that’s just as comfortable as it is stylish. The stretch twill fabric and elastic waistband and cuffs provide a forgiving fit so that you can munch on your favorite snacks without feeling like you need to pop a button. We also made sure that these men’s comfortable and casual pants were as versatile as possible with a lightweight, soft material ideal for staying dry during workouts or in hot weather.

classic black cargo joggers

3. Black Cargo

Cargo pants have made a legendary comeback. Our Black Cargo Jogger is all about taking sleek style and making it even better with utilitarian features like cargo pockets. Stuff these pants with your keys, wallet, and other essentials when you do your weekly grocery run to relieve the quarantine boredom without feeling the strain on the seams or the fit. The tapered leg and elongated ankle cuffs ensure a slim and stylish look that elevates cargo pants to fashion-forward men’s comfortable and casual pants.

comfortable red joggers

4. Bright Hues

You’re not at the office, so you don’t have to stick to those boring, neutral colors like grey, brown, and black! Try something a little more exciting with the Red Track Zipper Jogger. These pants deliver with a rich crimson hue that’s accented by an off-white racing stripe down each leg and at the waistband. You can also enjoy Hyper Denim’s signature true-to-size comfort flex fit due to a blend of premium cotton and spandex materials.

Ready to add some of these comfortable men’s pants to your weekly work rotation? Shop the Hyper Denim jogger collection today to find more unique urban styles that are designed by our fashion experts in Los Angeles.

March 09, 2021 — Nathan Bae