man in black jean jacket and black bleached pants

Fall streetwear is limitless. The autumn season is arguably the most stylish time of year, as you can dress up or dress down with all of your favorite warm and cold weather gear. Here are five men’s fall outfit ideas to give you some inspo as you put together this year’s harvest wardrobe.

  1. Hang Loose and Stay Tight

Slouch + Slim = Style. Fall is all about staying comfy and cozy, and a loose top can look amazing with form-fitting bottoms. As you put together your fall streetwear looks, try to create interesting silhouettes. An oversized hoodie will keep you warm on those brisk autumn evenings. Pair it with skinny jeans for some contrast. Some large high-tops (or even boots) can work great with the oversized top.

  1. Go Incognito with Camo

tattooed guy wearing distressed camo pants

Camo pants add visual excitement to any ensemble without being too over-the-top. They’re surprisingly versatile too if you style them right. For a sleek, edgy look, pair them with a black or white top and matching sneakers or boots. When you’re feeling flashy, rock some clashing colors and/or patterns. Fluorescent colors can offer some awesome contrast for bold dressers.

  1. Jog Your Way into Fall

Joggers are fall streetwear classics for a reason. They’re perfect for lounging around the house, but you can wear them around town and nobody will bat an eye. Besides the sleek, clean look, joggers are super comfortable, but they’ll still protect you from the elements. Pair them with your favorite tee and/or hoodie and you’re good to go.

  1. Put a Little Prep in Your Step

a man wearing an all black streetwear outfit

As you look for men’s fall outfit ideas, don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from looks you wouldn’t normally embrace. Autumn is a great time to dress a bit more dapper than usual, so try pairing your streetwear pants with a smart blazer, sweater vest, or cardigan for a clean, sophisticated fall streetwear vibe. Finish the look with your favorite beanie.

  1. Embrace the Denim Jacket

A loose-fitting denim jacket is casual, cool, and classic. In particular, a bleached, washed-out denim jacket paired with a flannel or vintage tee will give you that ‘90s grunge look that’s clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. Layer it on top of a hoodie on those chilly fall days and nights. Add some ripped-knee jeans to the mix and you’ve reached fashion nirvana!

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These are just our favorite fall outfit ideas — feel free to modify them to fit your personal aesthetic. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and doing your own thing, so if you like how a fall streetwear outfit looks, that’s all that really matters. Here at Hyper Denim, we make it easy to find versatile-yet-fashion-forward clothes that you can style however you see fit. Check out our streetwear blog for more tips, and browse our collections now!

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September 10, 2021 — Nathan Bae